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    How does it work?

The $$$ Golf Platform creates a unique golf ecosystem to Challenge, Win, and Spend your golf money. No more stashing cash in your golf bag.


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The App is based on the popular golf game “Nassau” — best match play score on the Front, Back, and Overall (we call it Dollar Dollar Dollar!). The $$$™ App tracks your legal skills-based wagers agreed to in advance, holds it in escrow, and automatically distributes winnings. No penciling out after your round or waiting for your challenger to pay. The $$$™ App just does it!


Your purchased funds and winnings are saved in your $$$™ Golf Wallet. Your golf stash is now kept where it should be, in your own golf world. Every time you play and invite friends, you earn more and your wallet grows into something truly valuable, unlike other apps that only give you a chance to win something you don’t really want.


After the round, your $$$™ App alerts you about how much you’ve won.  You can spend immediately at the course, or buy unique items in the $$$™ Marketplace including products from our sponsors like a better putter or fine cigars. Plus - every time you play you can save a portion of your winnings towards that dream golf experience you’ve always wanted!



Try the Beta App!

Before we launch to the world, we’re looking for golfers that are interested in being part of our Beta team to test things out and provide feedback. Interested ? Send us your info and we’ll keep you up to date with progress.